In 1990, I sold everything I had, raised almost $1,000, left England and came to America. I had one suitcase, and came in pursuit of work, weather, and wealth. One of my first goals was to visit Cupertino and just stand outside the office of Apple Computer. Being an evangelical Applist, it was an incredible event to just be on the street outside. Little did I know that by chance, years later, I would end up playing Segway Polo on a regular basis with Woz (Apple founder, Steve Wozniak).


I tend to get obsessive about things, and it’s not just Customer Service. About eight years ago I became a vegetarian. It’s not a political thing for me, it’s a health thing. After years of living ‘partly healthy’, I finally became convinced that the major key to longevity and disease free life is to consume mostly plant based foods. Although it’s not an animal rights thing for me, I do think we treat animals that are bred for food badly. We even excuse ourselves of animal cruelty laws just because we’ve decided we’re going to eat them later. I still eat as much as I want of delicious foods yet don’t put on weight. “What about your protein everyone cries, and your calcium? You must have to take a lot of supplements?” Poppycock as us British would say. Everything you need and a lot more is right there is healthy delicious plant based diet.


I saw Steve Wozniak riding segways on his website, Hmmm, it didn’t take me long to buy one, and then another. I have a HT and an XT, the off road version. Ever tried a segway? Get on one, they’re fun.


Texas hold ‘em rules. What a fun game. I do have a slight addiction here. Its got all the ingredients of simplicity, skill, luck, and surprise. Be sure to invite me to your next game. 🙂


Love to play Risk. I usually play online with Playstation. It’s quicker and more fun. Love the strategy and the, risk, of course! 🙂 If you play Risk on Playstation then drop me a line and we’ll get a game together. First one to dominate Australia wins?


Over the years I’ve been an avid business book reader. I prefer ‘pop business’ books. Some would say that’s a lack of intellectualism! Maybe? I think it’s my lack of patience for complexity. Among my favorites have been The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell, The Wisdom of Crowds by James Surowiecki, and my all time winner is The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing by Al Ries & Jack Trout, a must read winner for anyone and everyone. I owe much of my company’s success to this book.

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