Why I Love and Hate Banks

Okay, hate is a strong word, maybe it’s unfair, but over the years, I’ve found banks offer very different service. No, I don’t mean the superficial smile that they all give you, I mean when you need something done, or when you don’t have your ID, but want to get some cash. Well, I must confess, I am an ex-big bank guy.

After many years with Wells, I’ve been gradually moving my accounts, and boy am I so much more pleased with the service. Today I went to pay a check into Tri-Valley Bank in San Ramon, where one of my businesses banks. No ID, no nothing, walk in, they smile, ask me if my daughter has finished school, and seamlessly pay the check in without the, “You have to have a deposit slip for that, Sir.” It’s a world of difference when you can call your banker on his cell phone at any time, and he’ll just make things happen for you.

Okay, I admit it, I’ve got a vested interest in this post. After I switched to this small community bank, I liked it so much, I started buying the stock. Did I tell you I thought the stock was cheap, too? :) TRVB.

I hope you’re getting great service at your bank, too. And Tri-Valley, keep up the great work.

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