Customer Service Excellence is Kindness

My Customer Service Challenge is progressing – I’m still hunting for Excellence in Customer Service and it pops up in the most unusual places.
Today I’m sitting on a train, admittedly looking a little the worse for wear thanks to a head cold. I’m fighting off the dripping nose and ticklish throat to go and view some new telephone headsets – there’s some really interesting telephone headsets around and even half-dying I’ll check them out when I have a chance!
So, I’m sitting on a train, trying to stifle my cough. Around me are half a dozen people who aren’t, ie they’re straight out hacking their heads off, graciously spreading whatever they have. Still that’s the nature of a peak hour train.
There’s even someone talking on their cell phone’s blue-tooth headset and coughing away – my thoughts go out to the person on the other end getting a blast in their ear.
My muffled, hand covered, cough is hardly audible amongst the crowd. Then from nowhere a small hand reaches across, nothing said, simply an offer of a lozenge. No fuss, no bother just a simple gesture of kindness – that’s Customer Service Excellence I thought.
What do you think?

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