Issuing a Challenge

This week we’ve been interviewing prospective new employees for Customer Service positions at Now, to get a job with you don’t need to know a lot about headsets, at least to start with – we’ll train you. You do, however, need to know a lot about Excellent Customer Service.
I’ve been intrigued what people think Excellent Customer Service is. Have you ever thought about it? I do, a lot!
I’ve asked a few people around me what they think Excellent Customer Service is –

  • a friend who works for a well known animation company -”Excellent Customer Service is when I get served excellently” – I’m sure that we can do better than that !!!
  • a neighbor – “Satisfying my needs as a Customer”
  • the guy at my gas station – “What no one other than I does!”
  • a waitress at our favorite restaurant – “What gets me a good tip”
  • our favorite waitress at a local restaurant – “Keeping my Customers happy”
    So, nothing really definitive.

In fact, a little disappointing to me. I set my Customer Service Goals higher than that.
When people work with us at we expect them to go a lot further than those definitions. Yes, they need to know about wireless headsets, corded headsets, cell phone headsets and the like. They also need to know about people – what they want, how they think and what they like. We believe in a lot more than just satisfying our Customer’s needs.
So, here’s the challenge –
Over the next few weeks I’m going to be on the lookout for Customer Service Excellence and if any of you out there, in cyber-blog-world, find some I really want you to tell me. Especially if you encounter Customer Service Excellence associated with telephone headsets – oops, I forgot, have that covered.
Jokes aside, let’s see what sort of service we have out there and let’s track down some really great Customer Service experiences
Until next week – Happy Hunting

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